Our rare breeds...
The Jacob

This friendly breed with a black and white spotted coat is famous for its flavour. It has a biblical beginning. The breed takes its name from a story told in the Old Testament of how Jacob became a selective breeder of pied sheep.

The story says that Jacob fell in love with his beautiful cousin Rachel, but had to work as an unpaid shepherd for his uncle before permission was given for them to marry. When he wanted to set up his own herd he was given all of the black and white spotted sheep. Want to know more? The Jacob Society can fill you in.

The Wiltshire Horn

The name tells you where this breed originates from but it gives no hint of the very unusual trait these sheep have. They are one of the rare breeds that self sheds its fleece - the photo shows Perky doing just that. It means less shearing for us and some comfy nesting material for the birds. There's a lot of wool blowing in the wind when shedding time comes round!

The sheep are known for their flavour and also for being a hardy breed that copes well in all weathers. To find out more, have a look at the society website.
The Middle White

This pig splits opinion in terms of the beauty stakes. They are also known as the Vampire pig as their ears are bat like. They have a squished snout as if they have run into a wall very fast and very hard.

But love or hate their looks, the meat is the best out there and is served up in the best restaurants. Like any rare breeds the meat has a good layer of fat but it also has an incredible creamy texture. It has to be tried to be believed!

That fabulous fat has left this breed at risk of extinctions, it's on the rare breed endangered list because people have stopped eating it and so farmers don't keep the sows.
Artisan producer of free range & fabulous rare breed meat
Muddy Lovely - rearing rare breed, free range pork, hogget and turkeys near Swaffham, in Norfolk.
The Berkshire pig is endangered and one the country's rarest - this is another one of our native breeds that could die out.

This dark haired pig fell out of favour because demands for leaner meat increased. People are missing out - Berkshire pork is more than tasty - it's unforgettable. I still sigh over a slow roasted belly joint I had long ago! It's Muddy Lovely!