Pampered pigs make perfect pork
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At MUDDY LOVELY we believe that pampered pigs make perfect pork. Forget your normal roast dinner and get some of our rare breed pork - it's not really food, it's a mouth-watering eating experience! Order your quarter or half pig by email,

So how do we pamper the pigs? They are free range, can root around in the soil all day if they want, or they can snooze in their warm house on lovely fresh straw.

They get little massages and a good old scratch when they want it. As well as a natural diet of their favourite, GM-Free pig nuts, they get fruit and veg from a local farm shop. They also get a lot of fuss and love!

Muddy Lovely is a very small, small holding in West Sussex. We are passionate about animal welfare and want to make sure that what we eat has a great life first.

Find out what's been happening at Muddy Lovely on our Muddy News Page.

Our first pigs when they were a few weeks old.

The pigs at Muddy Lovely are rare breeds called Large Blacks, Tamworths and Berkshires. They live in small groups and are free range on land in West Sussex.

The three breeds are on the critical rare breed list. Until there are 500 registered breeding sows they face extinction. If people don't rear them for pork they will die out. Our large black gilt, called Sausage, is registered to be a mum so if you support us, you support our breeding programme.


"Oh my. We have the head and trotters in brine as we speak and we had the loin last night and it was fantastic!! The crackling was soooooo good and the meat was so tasty."

"Thank you for your care and enthusiasm. It's quite infectious...and we will certainly mention you to colleagues and friends as a good source of ethically-produced and good tasting pork."

"...we had a really interesting (not to mention tasty) day on Saturday processing the pig into ham, bacon, sausage, brawn, chops and joints and finishing the day with the delicious roast hand and hock (and a few glasses of wine) was terrific. Given we had only a butcher's diagram and inspiration to guide us I think we made a pretty creditable job and I'd say that any interested amateur should definitely give it a go."

Saving rare breeds

"Grown more slowly to produce pork with a traditional flavour, pedigree pork is a taste worth waiting for." The BPA.

The British Pig Association supports pig farmers like us. They say, "Help Save our Native Breeds.

"In Britain we still have more different breeds of pig than any other European country.

"More than half of these breeds are at risk of extinction. The only way to ensure a sustainable future for our native breeds is to use them, which means eating them.

"When you buy pedigree pork you get fantastic tasting meat and you also help to guarantee the future of our unique genetic heritage for generations to come.

"Remember that pedigree breeders are dedicated to saving our native and rare breed British pigs.

"Pedigree Pork is from rare breeds. There aren't enough to supply supermarkets

"Supermarket Pork is from hybrid or crossbred pigs. They don't help save our rare breeds."

If you want to know more about different breeds and find suppliers near you please visit the official breeders' club..

Sign up for some lovely pork today! Orders can be collected from the farm in Bolney, West Sussex. There's a vineyard nearby, the Old Mill Farm orchard selling lots of varieties of fresh apples and apple juice, there's a lovely walking route and some great country pubs, so you really can enjoy your visit!


Supply is limited as we are a very small, small holding - perhaps the smallest in Sussex! Get your order in now!