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What's happening at Muddy Lovely
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It's been a busy few months at Muddy Lovely. We moved from Sussex and set up the small holding in November 2014. Since then it's been a whirlwind of activity. There's been the fencing to install - it was a lot of fencing! Old shelters needed repairing.

We had to choose our ewes who will be the mums of the future, then we had to get them to like us - sheep nuts did the trick! We also adopted some sheep from someone who had run out of room. We've give out lots of pedicures - sheep style! We've watched the Wiltshire's start to shed their fleeces and our dog Hugo try to eat the floating wool! The pregnant ewes are getting bigger and the lambs we've bought in love to run and leap around the fields. Sometimes they sneak up on the adults, bash them in the bum and then make a run for it! Hugo and the lambs spend at least five minutes a day sniffing each other through the fencing and trying to play.

In early April the pigs will arrive. The paddock is ready, the house will be delivered next week and then the Middle Whites will move in! The wood fired oven has arrived so we're working out how to use that. There's grass to cut, eggs to collect from our feathered flock and the bees are waking up. It's busy but fun, it's muddy lovely!
Muddy Lovely - rearing rare breed, free range pork, hogget and turkeys near Swaffham, in Norfolk.