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Grass-fed Dexter Beef Reared in Norfolk Coming Soon

We will have Dexter Beef available soon.

Our grass-fed, slow grown Dexter beef will be available in November. They're free to roam on grass all year round. They are never locked up.

Our 10kg Dexter beef boxes contain:

8 of our delicious steaks (2 fillet, 2 sirloin, 2 ribeye and 2 rump).

12 packs of a variety of slow cooking cuts (braising/stewing steak, mince and shin)

A roasting joint (1.5 - 1.8kg) and a brisket joint.

The price for a 10kg box is £120.

We can also make up a 5kg box for £60 if you’re short on freezer space.

If you prefer even more beef - you can order a quarter of Dexter beef - yielding between 20 – 30kgs depending on the size of the animal and this is priced at £11.00/kg. There are various cutting options available.

If you’d like to reserve a box, get in touch.

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