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Our Produce

Free range, rare breed, ethical meat


Norfol Grass-Fed Dexter Beef

Our small herd is on grass all year round. They also get spent grains from brewing, windfall fruit and acorns - which they love. Our cows our reared to 30 months - longer than the average 20 - 22.

Rare Breed Pork

We have small herds of rare breed pigs. They are free range and left to root around the clock. We never lock them up. They are fed a GM-free diet, acorns from our trees and windfall fruit from the neighbours.


Hogget and Mutton

We do not sell lamb, only hogget and mutton. Hogget is a sheep over a year old. Mutton is over two years old. We have a small herd who are out on grass all year and given hay in the cooler months. Our Wiltshire's self-shed, providing nesting material for the birds.

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